Anonymous: Do you make iced coffee just from normal coffee or do you soak it in cold water for 24 hours?

I’ve tried that once and it made the sides of my tongue curl.  It’s suppose to be less acidic but my palette is not mature enough to handle that

crookdteeth: hey girl! saw your coffee for a week post. do you find it still tastes good by friday? like that would save me SO much time but i'd still want the coffee to be fresh. and are those just milk bottles? cleveeerrr.

I’m not an expert but I think it tastes fine.  I’m sure baristas across the nation would cringe though ;-)

Anonymous: I'm not sure if you've ever answered this question, but I love your channel and I wanted to know if you've got any advice for anyone who wants to take youtube/blogging seriously?

Oooo that would be a good question for a serious youtuber/blogger.  I’m more serious about my 9-5 at the moment so I wouldn’t know the best advice to give.

blesstacos: why'd you sell your filson? :(

I felt like it was drawing too much attention when I walk to and from my apartment. I don’t live in the best neighborhood so I’ve been carrying a cheap tote instead

k-nah: aloha! i'm a fellow subscriber on youtube community + follower on tumblr, i'm in love with all the replies on your wall and video edits. I was wondering if you can answer one of my questions - where do you think is the best place to find a pen pal, perhaps similar age and someone who shares an interest, someone going through the same journey as you? I would really appreciate it if you answer my question! - Karen

Thank you! I think having some type of online hobby helps. That way other people who like the same things will communicate with you (sometimes from around the world) and that’ll help build your relationship.

Anonymous: Who are some of your close friends? And what is your relationship like with them? How do they inspire you?

I’ve been filming a lot of my friends on my YouTube…I think you can see a bit of what they’re like, their sense of humor, and a touch of how they inspire me

Anonymous: Have you seen te film adaptation of Norwegian wood? What are your thoughts?

It wasn’t as dreamy as the book but I didn’t hate it

Anonymous: to add on to your reply to that last ask - I'd say you can't halfass any creative major, enjoying the subject is what's gonna get you through the course so don't get yourself into it unless you're sure you love it.


Anonymous: hi christine! have you ever considered filling in your brows another way? i noticed that you make parts of your brows closest to each other thinner instead of making them kind of vertical with the middle of your brow, more diagonal. don't get me wrong, i think your brows are a great compliment to your face but i feel like your face might look softer with different brows! let me know how you feel about that- lots of love

Uhhhh I guess I’ll try that tomorrow